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Our social media powered slot machine first spun its reels in mid 2016 and since then brands across the world have been using it as an interactive experience to give away prizes. We’ve given away over 1,350 branded prizes. We’ve had live slot machines in over 22 different countries and had seen over 211,000 spins of our reels.

This month our slots made a pilgrimage to its birthplace, the home of gaming, Las Vegas. In conjunction with BFGoodrich Mint 400, we launched our social slots 2.0, featuring a new robust prizing backend, an awesome new design and the ability to add multiple prizes. With over 630,000 impressions, these racing fans were winning prizes from ratchet belts to tool kits.

Our Social Slots is an interactive gaming mechanic powered by social media. We help brands set up a prizing schedule, design their slot machine and display it on a screen within their activation space.

The game is easy. Fans play the slots by posting onto social media. Once their turn is up, the slots spin and if their photo appears three times in a row… the prize is theirs.

In Action


The challenge: College welcome weeks are full of brands trying to make an impression, but eBay didn’t want to be a part of the clutter.

The solution: eBay came to us to help them stand out over a 2-month span touching 10 of the midwest’s biggest college campuses. Students used the hashtag #eBay2Ways to play the game. From Apple Watches, Samsung Galaxy S7s, and eBay T-shirts, these students were winning big!

The Results!




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