By bringing together a group of agencies, brands and supplier partners, we can create more opportunity, higher quality and improved relationships.


The idea of working together as a group purchasing organization is something that’s being done in many industries with impressive results.


How It Works

Group Agencies send their RFP to
the 3-5 preferred suppliers in their
required category


Group Agencies communicate and
select their preferential
supplier as per their normal


Total spend from the Group is
tracked monthly and supplier
rebates are issued to all agencies
on a quarterly basis


Our Process

We harness the power of GROUP purchases to
create a more efficient and effective working

By being a group supplier, you can realize more
potential business

We incentivize repeated business
from the group by offering rebates

Added value in areas of increased
opportunities, standardization, best practices,
and networking that can increase your business.

Support and service throughout the process