For SXSW 2016, IBM took its interactive space, the IBM Cognitive Studio, to the next level. Resource Department, Helios, was honored to showcase 3 CG-based interactive VR cycling experiences of varying difficulty levels in order to promote IBM’s new predictive analytics tool, Watson Analytics. With the help of world-renowned extreme cyclist Dave Haase, who uses Watson Analytics in his annual Ride Across America, guests were able to cycle through their preferred environments while reacting to recommendations based on virtual occurrences such a wind, weather, and elevation changes. Before entering the studio, every attendee was prompted to answer a few quick lifestyle and mood-based questions before being given a digital wristband that was used to both recommend one of the VR rides and scan to start the experience. Over 3800 reactive rides were enjoyed by guests during the first six days of the festival, and the continued positive press leaves no doubt in our minds that IBM set a new bar for SXSW.