Combining application and hardware solutions allowing guests to register with email and social sharing credentials upon entering the Burger King zone at the NCAA Final Four, offering guests the opportunity to choose 1 of 4 videos and record themselves lip syncing to that video, emailing and sharing their video socially as well as displaying on the Super Sign in Times Square for the premiere of Lip Sync Battle, Resource Department partner, Wishoo Interactive Technologies utilizes our M2M solution platform to provide guests a great brand experience while delivering measurable ROI to event marketers.

Watch the video to see how we also:

  • Created an app to scan QR codes from an attendee badge to query our client’s database for user information and letting user complete a survey as they enter a trade show booth for Dow at the International Builders Show.
  • Developed a registration and spin-to-win iPad app for Alaska Airlines.
  • Designed a multi-lingual registration and tracking app with daily summary of traffic and CRM import for Amway.

From simple to complex events, Wishoo Interactive Technologies is your interactive and lead generation partner.